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Visual Electric aims to free AI art generation from chat interfaces

Visual Electric transforms AI art creation, offering a non-linear canvas for limitless creativity, a departure from conventional chat interfaces.

Stable Video Diffusion Excellence: A Deep Dive into Synthesis

Unlock the potential of Stable Video Diffusion, a paradigm-shifting model reshaping generative video synthesis through innovative data strategies and high-quality outputs.

AI’s Secret Guilt: Unveiling the Hidden Energy Costs of Image Generation

Dive into the shocking world of AI's environmental impact – where image generation might be costing our planet as much as your smartphone charges.

What is Q-Star? Unveiling the Secrets of OpenAI’s AI Enigma

Delve into the intrigue of Q-Star, OpenAI's groundbreaking AI model that could reshape the landscape of artificial intelligence, raising both excitement and concerns.

12 Best Stable Diffusion Websites to Generate AI Images (Free & Paid)

You might be trying to dip your toes into AI image generation with Stable Diffusion. Installing it onto your computer or running in the cloud with Google Colab notebooks sound great and all,...

Stability AI introduces Stable Video Diffusion models in research preview

While OpenAI is the return of Sam Altman, its rivals are on their way to raising the bar in the AI ​​race. Just after that Anthropic's release of Claude 2.1...

How to Make Stunning QR Codes with AI using Stable Diffusion and ControlNet

QR codes are a convenient way to share information, such as links, contacts, or messages, with a simple scan of a smartphone camera. However, they are also often bland, consisting of black-and-white...

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