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Chrome’s New AI Features: A Game-Changer for Web Browsing

Explore a smarter online world with Google Chrome's latest AI upgrade, organizing tabs, personalizing themes, and even assisting in online text composition.

The AI Clock is Ticking: Half Of All Skills Will Be Outdated Within Two Years, How to be Safe?

As AI rapidly advances, a shocking survey reveals half of today's skills will vanish in two years. Uncover strategies to secure your career amidst this transformative wave.

What To Expect from AI in 2024: Some Huge Predictions!

Embark on a journey into 2024, unveiling the future of AI with personalized assistants, gaming revolutions, and legal battles over AI-generated content.

Jan AI: How to Easily Run Chatbots like ChatGPT Locally and Offline on PC

Dive into the realm of Jan AI, effortlessly bringing ChatGPT and other chatbots to your local machine. Unleash the power of AI, offline and free!

Apple’s New Multimodal AI System Surpasses GPT-4’s Vision Capabilities

Apple's Ferret AI redefines visual intelligence, surpassing GPT-4 with pinpoint accuracy. Dive into the future of AI, where detailed comprehension meets cutting-edge technology.

Visual Electric aims to free AI art generation from chat interfaces

Visual Electric transforms AI art creation, offering a non-linear canvas for limitless creativity, a departure from conventional chat interfaces.

Stable Video Diffusion Excellence: A Deep Dive into Synthesis

Unlock the potential of Stable Video Diffusion, a paradigm-shifting model reshaping generative video synthesis through innovative data strategies and high-quality outputs.

Pika 1.0 Unleashed: Redefining Video Creation with AI Innovation

Dive into the groundbreaking world of Pika 1.0, where creativity meets cutting-edge technology, unlocking new realms of imagination for video creation enthusiasts.