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20 Best ChatGPT Prompts for Writing Blogs

Unlock the potential of your blog with 20 curated ChatGPT prompts, transforming your writing process and elevating your content to new heights.

Stable Video Diffusion Excellence: A Deep Dive into Synthesis

Unlock the potential of Stable Video Diffusion, a paradigm-shifting model reshaping generative video synthesis through innovative data strategies and high-quality outputs.

AI’s Secret Guilt: Unveiling the Hidden Energy Costs of Image Generation

Dive into the shocking world of AI's environmental impact – where image generation might be costing our planet as much as your smartphone charges.

From Pixels to Reality: AI and 5G Crafting Tomorrow’s Experiences

Dive into a realm where AI and 5G converge, crafting a future of limitless experiences and transformative innovations.

Microsoft releases Orca 2, a pair of small language models that outperform larger counterparts

Even as the world witnesses the power struggle And mass layoffs At OpenAI, Microsoft, the long-time AI giant, is not slowing down its own AI efforts. Today, the research department of the...

Top 10 Custom GPTs for ChatGPT Revealed

Discover the exciting world of custom GPTs with this comprehensive guide, featuring the top 10 options available for ChatGPT. In the ever-changing landscape of Generative Pre-trained Transformers (GPTs), the field of chat...

OpenAI rival Anthropic is making its Claude chatbot even more useful

While OpenAI is in the in the middle of an existential crisisthere's a new chatbot update from Anthropic, the Google-backed AI startup founded by former OpenAI engineers who left disagreements over...

Physical limitations drive the evolution of brain-like AI

On a groundbreaking studyScientists from Cambridge have taken a new approach to artificial intelligence, demonstrating how physical constraints can profoundly affect the development of an AI system.This research, reminiscent of the...