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ScreenshotAI: A Smart Way to Organize and Gain Insights from Your iOS Screenshots

Unlock the potential of your iPhone screenshots with ScreenshotAI, making order out of chaos in just a tap.

HARPA AI: The Ultimate AI-Powered Extension for Web Automation and Content Creation

Unlock the future of productivity with HARPA AI, your AI copilot for a smarter web experience.

Trickle: Use AI to Manage your Screeenshots caos

Tired of a cluttered camera roll? Discover how Trickle's AI turns chaos into order, making your screenshots easy to find and analyze.

AudioNotes.ai: How to Use AI to Turn Your Voice into Text Notes in Minutes?

Have you ever wished to turn your spoken words into clear, organized text notes? ūüďĚ Whether you want to take notes from a lecture, a podcast, a meeting, or an interview, transcribing...

10 AI Tools That Are Revolutionizing The World

Artificial intelligence is not just a buzzword or a sci-fi fantasy. It's a reality transforming the world in ways we never imagined. From healthcare to education, entertainment to business, agriculture to the...

30 BEST Ways to Use ChatGPT Code Interpreters

If you are a coder, you know how powerful and versatile code interpreters are. Code interpreters are programs that can execute code written in various programming languages without compiling them first. They...

Humata: Upload documents and then ask it questions

Artificial intelligence has made incredible strides in recent years. Systems can now chat conversationally, analyze data, and automate complex tasks. However, most AI assistants today are opaque black boxes with unconstrained optimization...

Praxy AI: A Google Chrome Extension for students productivity

Students today face immense pressure to perform well academically while juggling extracurricular activities, part-time jobs, and maintaining an active social life. With so much on their plate, it's no surprise that procrastination and...

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